Vodka Luge & Ice Luges are, quite simply, a unique and exciting drink delivery system, be it to a glass or directly to the mouth. Vodka ice luges can be designed around any appropriate ice sculpture, but with an added drink hole drilled inside allowing you to pure a drink through the vodka luge. Ice statues and carvings, luges can be created to fit your party theme - be it a wedding reception, Christmas party, birthday or any other theme. Ice statues and carvings of logos for corporate events or engraving can be added to create a personal vodka ice luge. Vodka ice luges and vodka luges are designed to last in good condition for a six hour event - perfect for any event.


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*Please note the gallery just shows some examples of our work, if you can't see exactly what your after please contact us as bespoke carvings are available.